Talk About

Talk About

Talk About is a series of 8 books on Speaking and Listening for classes 3 to 10. It helps students assess their speaking and listening skills. This series contains audio-recorded scripts for enhancing listening skills, and reading exercises to improve pronunciation and speaking skills. The self-assessment section is defined in a very simple manner.

  • Theme based units with an interesting blend of poems, short articles, biographies, stories, etc.
  • Varied genres and text from narrative to poetry, personal accounts to conversations, discussions to plannings.
  • Emphasis on speeches, debates and elocution along with building of correct pronounciation skill.
  • Communicative functions introduced through a variety of tasks, that can be done individually, in pair and in groups.
  • Warm Up tasks introduce the unit through a range of activities covering different language skills.
  • Saying it Right! Focuses on the pronunciation of words, word and sentence stress, silent letters, etc, through a variety of tasks such as ‘listen and repeat’, ‘practising tongue twisters’ and ‘rhymes and poems’.
  • Self-assesment rubrics for each task enables a child to gauge and trace his own performance.
  • Speaking section assists in developing several essential sub-skill of speaking.
  • Class 9
  • Class 10

Talk About-9

  • Author : Sonali Mathur
  • ISBN : 9789351991748
  • Price : 250.00
  • Book Type : Text Book

Talk About-10

  • Author : Gita Das
  • ISBN : 9789351991755
  • Price : 250.00
  • Book Type : Text Book